Mpact is the Wednesday night club program for girls and young ladies from Kindergarten through grade 12. Nationwide, this Assemblies of God program involves over 174,000 girls and 20,000 clubs. Its goal is to help fulfill the Titus 2 principle of women mentoring young girls.

Mpact earn badges and merits while working on topics that are Christ centered.

Mpact at Capital Assembly of God is a tool to introduce girls to Jesus Christ and to train them to follow Him. It is a place for girls in the church to invite their friends to meet Jesus, gather with other girls who love God, and to be mentored by a sponsor who cares about them.

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Mpact Code
"Whatsoever things are true,
Whatsoever things are honest,
Whatsoever things are just,
Whatsoever things are pure,
Whatsoever things are lovely,
Whatsoever things are of good report:
If there be any virtue,
And if there be any praise,
Think on these things." –Philippians 4:8
Meeting Times

For Information Call:

Every Wednesday 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Sept – June

For Information Call:


Ana Ruiz
Mpact Coordinator
Capital Assembly of God
(609) 587-6900

Club Levels

Rainbows – preschool aged boys and girls

Daisies Club – girls, kindergarten

Prims Club –  girls, grades 1-2                                       

Stars Club – girls, grades 3-5

Teen Girl Ministries  – Friends & Girls Club                         

Friends Club – girls, grades 6-8

Girls Only Club – date and time to be determined, girls grades 9-12  


New Teen Girl Web Features

New Web features for your teen girls! The Friends and Girls Only Web pages are sporting some new, fun features, and your girls can be involved. While the previous Friends and Girls Only Web pages offered features for teen girls, more features have been added, and former ones have been replaced.


I remember hearing stories in high school about self-mutilation and wondering how someone could do that to her own body. It made no sense. My immediate conclusion was that it had to be for attention. What else could drive a person to do such a thing? I also remember knowing that something like that would never be a problem for me. I was too strong to ever resort to hurting myself, or so I thought.


“…By his wounds we are healed”. (Isaiah 53:5) “Sometimes I cut myself. Sometimes I burn myself.” She was a beautiful 16-year-old girl explaining her secret behaviors for when she felt overwhelmed with life and hurtful memories. I was a 23-year-old youth pastor trying to listen and help, feeling stunned by behavior I had heard of but never seen.

Keeping Girls Motivated

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Keeping Girls Motivated

As a leader of teen girls you know this age group doesn’t fall into rigidly–structured programs like younger girls. Teen girls share their opinions of club format. So how do you react? Don’t take it personally; consider it their investment in the club. However, if their comments have you wondering how to keep up attendance, try these five suggestions.

Teaching Pentecostal perspectives to your child

When should you start teaching children about the intricacies of our Pentecostal perspective?

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